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Problem With SDK
Link Posted: 30-Mar-2010 02:42
I have bought 9Rays Spices.Obfuscator (Single License) . I was trying out with the SDK Provided along with the Obfuscator however i am unable to find any way to specify user specific options


Options options = new Options(Members.Default, Naming.AlphaNumeric, NamespacesRestructuring.AllTypesOneNameSpace);

However Members is an enumerator as well as Naming and NamespacesRestructuring what is the other way to specify options i have filled contact form long ago and didn't got no reply from you guys

Awaiting your response
Link Posted: 30-Mar-2010 06:28
using NineRays.ILOMD.Options;

public Options CreateOptions()
  Options options = new Options();
  //add new option
  options.Members |= Members.Types | Members.Methods;
  return options;

Definitions of Members, NamespacesRestructuring, Naming you can find in the NineRays.ILOMD.Options.dll