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Problem decompiling
Link Posted: 04-May-2010 05:51
Hi, I have this problem:
I open the program. exe, decompile! -> Vb.net and i see the source code.
How do I save it with the  .Vb?

Another problem:
how do I save a project vb.net (version 3)?

I apologize for my bad English and I hope you understand
Link Posted: 04-May-2010 05:56
You can choose the DecompileToFile mode (you can see the DecompileToFile button on the Spices.Decompiler toolbar, just click it to turn DecompileToFile mode on).
In that case Spices.Decompiler will generate code to file.
Als in this mode you can decompile the whole assembly and Spices.Decompiler will generate .vbproj (Visual Basic Project file), so you will be able to open generated source in the Visual Studio.
Link Posted: 04-May-2010 06:15
Hi, my version is EVALUTATION.
I bought last week the key for 3 months. How do i register the purchased key?
Thanks, Mauro
Link Posted: 04-May-2010 06:23
I see you sent us activation request and activate license had been sent to you.
Have you installed this license according to instructions in message sent with license?
Link Posted: 04-May-2010 07:05
The text of the 'email received.
I did login first and then I ran the donwload (but is written evaluation copy)

Where did I go wrong?

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Link Posted: 04-May-2010 08:05
Hello, I realized the 'error that I was now working.
Thanks and sorry,