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obfuscate only specific parts in a .NET assembly (dll/exe)
Link Posted: 17-Jun-2010 13:25
How do you obfuscate only specific parts in a .NET assembly (dll/exe)? Please point me in the right direction. An example would be great for a VB.NET application.

We are registered customers for "Spices.Obfuscator Console Edition v5.4.6.0". Thx!
Link Posted: 17-Jun-2010 13:43
Please take a look at the our video-tutorial: Your first Spices.Project
for obfuscation
where you can see how to specify obfuscation options for each assembly in the Spices.Project.

With ObfuscationOptions.Members you can exclude/include into
obfuscation specific members of assembly - public members, methods,

Also you can use ExclusionPatterns or InclusionPatterns - collections
of regular expression allowing to include/exclude members on their
If you want to exclude/include members of assembly individualy, you
can do it in Spices.Net Assembly Browser, just select the member for
exclusion, right-click to call context menu and choose Add to

Also you can use special attributes to control obfuscation declaratively - the source code of these attributes and attributes assembly you can find in the \SDK\Obfuscation Attributes folder, the source code explains usage of these attributes.