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Command line options for NRObfuscator
Link Posted: 22-Jun-2010 14:36
I noticed that in the Obfuscator GUI there is an option for "LeaveSerializables". I can't seem to find this option amoung the command line switches for NRObfuscator.  How do I turn off obfuscation of serialiables using the NRObfuscator, which we use for our build machine?
Link Posted: 22-Jun-2010 15:07
Yes, NRObfuscator command line interface has a limited functionality, but you can use spices.project files for obfuscation. Spices.Net Obfuscator Console Edition includes the OptionsGUI utility that helps manage spices.projects. You can use this utility to create spices.project and access to the full set of obfuscation options.
Link Posted: 22-Jun-2010 15:30
Does this mean I have to buy a different product? I bought the Spices.Obfuscator product, not to use the GUI, but to use the command line as part of out build scripts, and now you are telling me that the command line doesn't have all of the features that I have purchased, but have to buy yet another product?  Please tell me that is NOT what you are saying.
Link Posted: 22-Jun-2010 15:55
Sorry for misunderstanding. If you have the Spices.Obfuscator GUI, you can use it to manage spices.project and use it to obfuscate your assemblies by Spices.Obfuscator Console version.
Both versions providing the same feature set, but command line not so flexible to provide to whole set of obfuscation settings, but you can manage obfuscation options in spices.project which store all settings and options for obfuscation.