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.NET 4.0
Link Posted: 13-Jul-2010 11:20
Any plans of releasing a version of FlyGrid.Net built against the .NET 4.0 framework?

Link Posted: 13-Jul-2010 11:43
Thanks for the question. Yes, we plan to release FlyGrid.Net for .Net 4.0 in July.
Link Posted: 05-Aug-2010 12:34
Any update on this?

Link Posted: 06-Aug-2010 23:59
Sorry for the delay with new release, we'll publish FlyGrid for .Net 4.0/VS2010 next week.
Link Posted: 09-Aug-2010 07:51
Let you know that the new update of FlyGrid.Net now supports .Net 4.0 and Visual Studio 2010.