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Program Database Files (.pdb) for C#
Link Posted: 23-Aug-2010 09:49

Is there something special that I need to do to include the .PDB file with the obfuscated .EXE file?

Do I just take the .PDB file from the Release folder?

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Link Posted: 23-Aug-2010 09:56
Just specify StripDebugInfo to False in your Spices.Project used for obfuscation to include debug information.
Link Posted: 23-Aug-2010 10:10
I'm sorry...

Where do I find this? I'm in the VS 2010 interface.

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Link Posted: 23-Aug-2010 10:11
Never mind I found it.


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Link Posted: 23-Aug-2010 10:29
Hi, I've set StripDebugInfo to False, but I'm not getting a PDB file in the Spices_output folder.

What am I doing wrong?

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