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64 Bit Windows 7
Link Posted: 17-Feb-2011 19:56
I pretty ignorant about .NET and would love to use FlyGrid but am stuck trying it out on 64 Bit Windows 7.

I am using Visual Studio 10 Professional and when I try to add FlyGrid to the Tool Box I get the message "Unable to find assembly "NineRays.Flygrid, Version=,..........................."

I was succesfull in trying this out on 32 Bit XP and the Demo program works fine on 64 Bit Windows 7.
Link Posted: 19-Sep-2023 00:45
I'm sorry to hear that you're encountering difficulties. The error message you're receiving, "Unable to find assembly," generally means that the system cannot find the specific version of the DLL file mentioned in the message. Here's how you might go about resolving this issue:

Step 1: Ensure that the Correct Version of the DLL is Available
Ensure that the NineRays.Flygrid DLL file with the version is available on your system. You should be able to find this file in the installation directory of FlyGrid or in the Global Assembly Cache (GAC) if it was registered there.

Step 2: Reference the DLL Correctly
Make sure you reference the correct version of the DLL file in your Visual Studio project. You can do this by following these steps:

Open your Visual Studio 2010 Professional.
Open your project where you want to add FlyGrid.
In the Solution Explorer, right-click on "References" and choose "Add Reference."
Browse to the location where your NineRays.Flygrid.dll (version is stored and select it to add to your project.
Step 3: Add FlyGrid to the Toolbox
After correctly referencing the DLL in your project, try to add FlyGrid to the Toolbox again:

Right-click in the Toolbox pane.
Select "Choose Items..."
In the "Choose Toolbox Items" dialog, go to the ".NET Framework Components" tab.
Click "Browse..." and locate the NineRays.Flygrid.dll file.
After selecting the file, it should appear in the list. Make sure it is checked, and then click "OK."
Step 4: Rebuild Your Project
Once you have added the reference and added it to the Toolbox, try rebuilding your project:

Go to the "Build" menu.
Select "Rebuild Solution."
Step 5: Test the Component
Try dragging the FlyGrid component from the Toolbox onto a form in the designer to see if it works correctly.

Step 6: Check for Any Potential Compatibility Issues
Since you are working on a relatively older environment (Windows 7, Visual Studio 2010), it is possible that there might be compatibility issues, especially when using newer versions of third-party components like FlyGrid. Ensure that the FlyGrid version you are using is compatible with your development environment.

If after following these steps you are still encountering issues, consider reaching out to FlyGrid's support or community forums for assistance, as they might be better equipped to provide guidance tailored to your specific setup.