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Last populated node has no children after postback
Link Posted: 19-May-2011 09:06
I have a problem with FlyTreeView. My nodes have PopulateNodesOnDemand property set to true. On client side I drag some node on last populated one. On handling Drop event I make callback to server, and in this case on server side when I handle callback that last populated node has no ChildNodes, but of course they are, and they were displayed on client before. It's seemed like the tree does not update ViewState correctly.
Any suggestions?
Link Posted: 19-May-2011 09:41
The treeview does not automatically update the viewstate on client side, it rather stores all client-side changes in the hidden input, which is parsed on LoadPostData stage and applied to treeview (and its viewstate) when you postback the form.

Do you loose the child nodes and the dropped node if you postback the form using some test submit button?
Link Posted: 20-May-2011 02:26
I loose child nodes only for last populated node.
So, if I populate some node Node1, and then populate some another node Node2 (no difference if Node2 is child of Node1 or not.) and do drop on Node2 and do callback on server then on server side I don't see child nodes only for Node2, but for Node1 I see.
Link Posted: 25-May-2011 05:50
Any suggestions about my issue?
If you need I can provide you with sample code. It's really seemed like a bug of TreeView.
Link Posted: 25-May-2011 09:38
We a trying to work out a possible solution for the issue + another one found related.
Link Posted: 26-May-2011 00:05
Ok, thanks.