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Incorrect position of Context Menu
Link Posted: 27-May-2011 00:45
I use FlyTreeView on webpart in SharePoint 2010. And I have strange behavior of context menu. It's populating in strange place, not under selected node, but somewhere in the center of tree. Strange also because I didn't have this bug in SharePoint 2007. Do you have some experience with this kind of situation? Any suggestions?
Link Posted: 27-May-2011 02:14
Yes, there were some complains regarding context menu positioning in some cases. Obviously it depends on parent elements positioning. And we made some fine-tuning to fix the issues. I'm not currently sure if there were anything about SharePoint 2010, but we'll test it then. Thanks.
Link Posted: 09-Jun-2011 03:57
How can I get ContextMenu element object on client side?
Link Posted: 09-Jun-2011 06:35