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change cell backcolor
Link Posted: 15-Jun-2011 02:36
i am using FlyGrid fro .net winForms
i need to know how to change a cell back color
thank you
Link Posted: 15-Jun-2011 15:42
You can see some samples of code how to do it in C#: Additional samples and VB.Net: Additional samples
Also you can see the code samples in FlyGrid.Net Demo source code: Spreadsheet, TreeListView Reaplcement, Grid Stylizing
Link Posted: 16-Jun-2011 00:54
i have checked these samples out but there is no one describe how to change a cell BackColor
Link Posted: 16-Jun-2011 03:50
Please visit these topics, hope they'll help you:
Is it possible to set colour on a specific cell
Set Cell Visualization (Font, Color, BkColor...)