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XML serialization class, obfuscation
Link Posted: 09-Apr-2012 09:31
One of my coworkers just started using the "free XML serialization using attributes" feature.  We need to mark this class in some way so that it doesn't get obfuscated.  Short of not doing any renaming on the assembly at all, what are our options?  Can you tell me a way of avoiding the renaming without opening up the whole assembly?  We'd prefer to not use any Spices-specific attributes.  If we mark the class Serializable and use the KeepSerializable, would that work?
Link Posted: 10-Apr-2012 03:46
Yes, if you mark class as Serializable (or XmlSerializable) and use KeepSerializable, it will work for your purposes.
Link Posted: 10-Apr-2012 09:37
Thanks for the prompt reply!  We'll try that and let you know if we have any more problems.  -Michael