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Errors obfucating mixed code
Link Posted: 11-Apr-2012 06:27

I'm trying to obfuscate a C# project that contains mixed code - a class written in C++ (unmanaged) and wrapped in C#. However, during the verification of the obfuscated assemblies, I get the following errors.

[PE:]Improperly aligned value [OptionalHeader.SectionAlignment]
[PE:]Bad section virtual address in section [.data] spices

I've googled for them but without much clue as to what to do. Anyone seen this before?
Link Posted: 11-Apr-2012 08:03
Don't worry about that messages, these warnings just indicate that PE(Portable Executable) structure in currently verified assembly has not standard values. It is usual situation for mixed code assemblies. If you verify your original assemblies you'll receive the same list of warnings.