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How to use Spices.Net.Project.Excludes
Link Posted: 11-Apr-2012 11:35

I see in the help fie that I can use the collection


to exclude my custom resources (compiled XAML files) so that my WPF project runs correctly. However, I'm no sure how to use the Spices.NET GUI to add classes to exclude in the Spices.Net.Project.Excludes collection. Can you tell me step by step, once I've added my assembly in Spices.NET what I have to do to exclude my BAML classes from obfuscation?

Link Posted: 11-Apr-2012 11:49
The best way to exclude assembly members from obfuscation is to use the Spices.Project.ExclusionPatterns collection.
Just add the name of member (MyCompany.MyNamespace.MyClass* or MyCompany.MyNamespace.MyClass.SomeMemberofClass*) to ExclusionPatterns to exclude these members to make them untouchable.
Link Posted: 11-Apr-2012 11:59
Where do I find the ExclusionPatterns? I right-clicked my asembly once added to the Spices.Net interface, clicked Obfuscation Options, and I cannot find ExlusionPatterns in any of those fields nor Project Excludes. So my question is where in the interface can I set the ExclusionPatterns? It is perhaps that I have to modify the project file in a text editor?
Link Posted: 11-Apr-2012 12:11
I finally found it. It's documented here:
Link Posted: 11-Apr-2012 12:19
To work with Spices.Project's properties please click Properties tab (on the bottom of Explorer's side-window):