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Mouse Hover On A Column Of Fly Grid
Link Posted: 08-May-2012 07:45
We have a class CascadingNode inherited from Node class and overridden the PaintCellValue(). Added the CascadingNode as a column to fly grid.

When we hover the mouse on the column (CascadingNode) of the fly grid, the PaintCellValue() method is getting triggered. We would like to know what event (the exact name) initiates the execution of the code so we could prevent calling  PaintCellValue() method.
Link Posted: 09-May-2012 06:55
Seems the Columns.Options.HotTrack setting triggers PaintCellValue when you hover the mouse on the column.
So you can disable this option to turn off this event.
Link Posted: 10-May-2012 00:25
Thank you very much for the help. It worked.