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DropDown Collapse
Link Posted: 13-May-2012 23:54
The LookupListColumn shows the items like


If we select Statement1 or Statement2 from the LookupListColumn the drop down should not be collapsed. How to implement this behavior?
Link Posted: 14-May-2012 15:24
I'd recommend you to use custom dropdown, not a standart dropdown list. In this case you'll be able to ignore selection of some values from list.
The code how to organize custom dropdowns you can find here in the Additional C# Samples and in the FlyGrid.Net Demo, Grid Stylizing, Multicolumnar dropdowns, Inplace Editors sample, where you cna find CustomDropdown column.
Link Posted: 17-Jul-2012 00:29
I tried a few examples in Additional C# Samples. But, I could not find the other examples  
FlyGrid.Net Demo,
Grid Stylizing,
Multicolumnar dropdowns,
Inplace Editors sample,
Could you point me to those links?
Also, for CustomLookupListColumn, by default the selected item is being highlighted in the list.
For eg: if I have a cell value "One" and the list with the following rows,
DisplayField    Bound Field
One             1
Two             2
Three           3
Four            4

the first field "One" is automatically highlighted. But, if I have another row with the same display field but a different bound field, like "One - 11" (which might be required in some cases) and I select the second "One", only the first "One" in the list is hightlighted but not the second. Is there anyway by which we can control this default highlighting.
Link Posted: 17-Jul-2012 05:13
But, I could not find the other examples
FlyGrid.Net Demo,
Grid Stylizing,
Multicolumnar dropdowns,
Inplace Editors sample,

These samples you can find in the FlyGrid.Net package, the Demo and source code of Demo and samples are usually located at %Program Files%\9Rays.Met\FlyGrid.Net\Demo folder.
Link Posted: 17-Jul-2012 13:56
Additional question - what version of FlyGrid.Net do you use?
Seems latest version works correctly with this situation.
Link Posted: 13-May-2012 23:56
When we change cell in the LookupListColumn events NodeCellChange or NodeCellChanging are not getting triggered.
Is there any reason?
Link Posted: 14-May-2012 14:28
Could you explain what you mean? Do you change contents of cell or move focus to another cell?