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How i obfuscate my code just Release mode?
Link Posted: 16-Nov-2012 04:39
I hava a problem about Spices.Net version
When I compile and run my project it is fine in debug and release mode.
But i want to obfuscate process just realese mode because if i run in dubeg mode
i can not debug my code.

I am using  and Visual Studio 2010 with .NET 4.0.

Please help me.
Link Posted: 16-Nov-2012 04:48
If you'd like to use conditional obfuscation at only Release
configuration, we'd recommend to use MSBuild integration provided by Spices.VSIP and embed into your VS Project a simple MSBuild scenario.
How to embed MSBuild into your VS project you can read at Spices.Net Manual (you can see the link to this doc in your Windows Apps menu, at Spices.Net), Spices.Obfuscator\MSBuild Integration chapter.
MSBuild integration provided by Spices.VSIP more flexible than deep VS integration, so you can include additional tasks to your build process and use conditions (like to use Obfuscation task in Release scenario only).
We plan to add conditional obfuscation to the nearest update of Spices.Net, so you'll be able to use conditional obfuscation directly from Spices.VSIP without usage of MSBuild integration of Spices.VSIP.
Link Posted: 19-Nov-2012 05:43
In my project obfuscator process takes too long time bucause my project consist more then one class libary.
Therefore i want to obfuscate my code on just Release mode.

I want to a solutions like this if is it posible:
When i change debug mode to release then Spices_ObfuscationSolutionAfterBuild property is true or when change realse to debug this property setted with false.
Link Posted: 19-Nov-2012 06:56
Don't worry about solution, tomorrow we'll release Spices.VSIP update what will allow to specify configurations to obfuscate.
Just specify (in the nearest update) configurations to obfuscate in the Spices_ConfigurationsToObfuscate property of the solution and Spices.VSIP will obfuscate just them.
For example, if you need to obfuscate just Release, just specify Spices_ConfigurationsToObfuscate = Release,
or if you need to obfuscate some several configurations: Spices_ConfigurationsToObfuscate = Release;Internal_Release;Release_X64(separated with semicolor (;) symbol).
Link Posted: 19-Nov-2012 15:13
Let you know that the update of Spices.Net v5.8.3.50 is available for downloading. Spices.VSIP in this update provides mention functionality: you can specify a list of configurations to obfuscate in the Spices_ConfigurationsToObfuscate property.
Link Posted: 19-Nov-2012 22:50
Perfect job ! I hava tested it and result perfect.

Thank you.