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ButtonColumn background color
Link Posted: 26-Dec-2012 15:40
How can I change Button background color in the ButtonColumn?
Link Posted: 26-Dec-2012 16:40
You can change background color of button in the ButtonColumn with ButtonColumn.CellBackcolor property, so color of the text of button in this type of column you can change with ButtonColumn.CellForeColor property.
Link Posted: 27-Dec-2012 05:44
But as I see ButtonColumn.CellBackcolor property doesn't work for GridStyle XP.
So is it possible to change background color of button if I use GridStyle XP?
Link Posted: 27-Dec-2012 07:52
Unfortunately, if you're using styles, you can't customize the background color of button.
The solution of this problem - to to create column-inheritor of ButtonColumn where you can override PaintCellValue procedure to paint your own background color.