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Error in Assembly verification
Link Posted: 22-Apr-2013 04:54
I have following error in assembly verification process:

[MD] Error: Type:.class [Arl.Terminal.DataServer.DataGates.SparcsAPIDataGate]Arl.Terminal.DataServer.DataGates.SparcsAPIDataGate.Messages.SocketTransport, token:0x02000033, implemented interface:.class [Arl.Terminal.DataServer.DataGates.SparcsAPIDataGate]Arl.Terminal.DataServer.DataGates.SparcsAPIDataGate.Messages.IMessageTransport`2, token:0x0200000b but has no implemented method: Send(Arl.Terminal.DataServer.DataGates.SparcsAPIDataGate.Messages.Objects.EntityMessage) : void, token:0x06000012

  • If turn off VerifyAfterObfuscation option on project, above error will not displayed.
  • Above error appears even if obfuscation option for Members set to 'None'. So above error with option 'None' to let understand the issue.

Code of IMessageTransport

namespace Arl.Terminal.DataServer.DataGates.SparcsAPIDataGate.Messages
internal interface IMessageTransport<TEventArgs, in TMessage>
        where TEventArgs : EventArgs
        void Send(TMessage message);
        event EventHandler<TEventArgs> MessageReceived;

Code for SocketTransport class:

internal class SocketTransport : IDisposable, IMessageTransport<SealedEnvelopeMessageReceivedEventArgs, byte[]>
public void Send(byte[] message)
            Send(message, 0, message.Length, TimeOut);

As you can see SocketTransport has byte[] for TMessage, and implements Send(byte[] message) as well. Nothing wrong from coding point of view, and this was successfully compiled.
So I do not know why verification process shows me the error. Could you please clarify this for me.
Moreover it looks that after obfuscation resulted assembly is valid (as I can see in .Net Reflector)
P.S. There are 3 more classes which also implement the interface (see below), but I think they should not affect validation.

internal class MessageTransporter : IMessageTransport <OpenedEnvelopeMessageReceivedEventArgs, OpenedEnvelopeMessage>

internal class MessageMapper : IMessageTransport<EntityMessageReceivedEventArgs, EntityMessage>

internal class MessageSynchronizer : IDisposable, IMessageTransport<EntityMessageReceivedEventArgs, EntityMessage>

I have latest version of console obfuscator (evaluation version). We are going to upgrade from, and I'm doing verification with new version.
I can provide by email one assembly and test obfuscation project, if required.
Link Posted: 22-Apr-2013 05:00
That would make process of analysis and solution of this problem, if you send us your assembly and obfuscation project.
Please zip these files and change extension of archive to .txt or .zap before attaching to your message.
Link Posted: 22-Apr-2013 05:24
Ok, I've just sent email to support@9rays.net, subject is "Error in Assembly verification (TopicID=8924)"
Link Posted: 22-Apr-2013 05:30
Thanks for the files, we've received them. I'll let you know about analysis results and solution of this problem.
Link Posted: 22-Apr-2013 13:48
We've analyzed the obfuscation and verification process (thanks again for the files) and found a small bug in verification procedure.
So the problem with our verification. We'll fix that problem to the nearest update, that will be published in two-three days.
Link Posted: 22-Apr-2013 20:49
Thanks a lot! I'm glad that helped you to find the issue and make your product better.
Will be waiting for new version, and check it again.
Link Posted: 23-Jul-2013 03:58
We'll fix that problem to the nearest update, that will be published in two-three days.

Hi, any update re new version where the issue is resolved? I have checked Download area, but there is still old version from 18-Feb-2013.
Link Posted: 05-Aug-2013 16:20
Let you know, that the problem with verification is solved, please update your Spices.Net Obfuscator to the latest version.
Once again sorry for delivered inconveniences.