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flygrid headers are not clickable
Link Posted: 07-Oct-2013 07:33
I'm trying to set the header clockable using:

flyGrid1.Columns.Options = ColumnsOptions.Clickable | ColumnsOptions.ShowHeaders |
                                       ColumnsOptions.ShowSortOrderMark | ColumnsOptions.Sizable;

but the headers are still not clickable (and not marked with blue when the mouse is down).

any suggestions?

Link Posted: 07-Oct-2013 08:11
Seems to be, you set flyGrid1.Enabled to False?
Link Posted: 09-Oct-2013 01:20
its seems to work when I put it in the [Disgner] part of the code.
but when I'm putting it outside it doesn't.

also I noticed that when I change
and also the BeginInit() its working.