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v4.5.0.174 Cancel Node Select Postback on Drag Start
Link Posted: 11-Apr-2014 03:35

Finally upgrading from v4.1.4.100 to v4.5.0.174 (after no issues in 6 years) and have so far only noticed one difference in our app.

Previously, when a node drag start occured, the target node was not selected and so no postback occured. In the new version, the node seems to be selected before the mouse button is release, and so the postback occurs while attempting to drag the node. As part of the postback, the drag is lost. Once selected, the node can be dragged / dropped as before.

We use the drag start client event to cancel the drag event based on the node level, but how do we stop the postback on a valid drag start?

Many thanks.
Link Posted: 11-Apr-2014 05:02

What browser do you use?

Also, do you experience the issue on our demo page:

Thanks for your help!
Link Posted: 11-Apr-2014 06:41

I've been testing on IE 10 and FF 28. Both behave exactly the same.

I do not see the same behaviour in your drap / drop demo, but there again our treeview hooks up the OnSelectedNodeChanged server side event and has PostBackOnSelect set as true, whereas your demo does not.