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Supporting System.Reflection.ObfuscationAttribute?
Link Posted: 07-Oct-2015 00:17
Awesome! Thanks:)
Link Posted: 26-Nov-2015 13:34
Let you know, that in the recently released v. these features are supported now.
Link Posted: 17-Jan-2017 22:59

As mentioned previously, the use of ObfuscationAttribute works great - but there seems to be an issue in the case where it is applied to internal classes.  I am using [InternalsVisibleTo] to expose my internals to another assembly - obfuscation (and verification) of all assemblies succeeds, but at runtime I am running into TypeLoadExceptions as the assembly that depends on these internals cannot find it anymore?
Link Posted: 19-Jan-2017 12:28
There are two questions:
1. Do you mark these internal classes with ObfuscationAttribute to obfuscate them?
2. Another assembly you mentioned - have you included this assembly in your spices.project for obfuscation?

Spices.Obfuscator do cross-obfuscation in assemblies included into spices.project, so if some member is obfuscated, it will be obfuscated in dependent assembly references also (if this assembly included into spices.project currently obfuscated).
Link Posted: 07-Apr-2018 13:05
Hi, I have not seen your response, sorry. And its a year later; I have no idea what happened in the mean time - so lets assume the issue is resolved, thanks :)