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VS2015 support
Link Posted: 21-Nov-2016 05:39

I'm looking for a good replacement for the obfuscator we are using now. The company of the one we use does not exist anymore.

I would like to know if VS2015 is supported as the msbuild tool adds new information to the pdb files that our current obfuscator does not understand. (deepsea : error X: Unknown custom metadata item kind: 7)

I was impressed that you are Microsoft Certified, but the link no longer works, so I presume that this is no longer the case, but you just keep this logo on the site to impress new customers?
Also I'm not really amused that my password is stored as clear text in your database, My username and password were just send to me in the activation email. The password should not be stored clear text or encrypted but should be hashed.

Greetings, Allard
Link Posted: 21-Nov-2016 06:38
Hi Allard,
1. Yes, the VS2015 is supported and latest versions of metadata all well known (we use our own engine to access to metadata and read/generate assemblies).
2. Yes we were certified, but now keep this logo as our history.
3. Don't worry, your password isn't stored in our database, we keep just hash of your password. The first e-mail contains temporary initial password and instruction to change it ASAP.
Let us know if you have any further questions.