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NetStandard Support
Link Posted: 07-Apr-2018 13:09

I am running into an issue with obfuscating a netstandard2.0 assembly - it seems that NRObfuscator (Console gets stuck (hangs, do not continue) with the last message displayed, "Starting obfuscate methods of ...". It seems to have completed the obfuscation of types, fields, properties, and events.

Obfuscation options used: X @ 4 * 5 (without spaces - in post considered an email address).
Link Posted: 09-Apr-2018 12:20
Hi John,
Could you send us this assembly for tests and to quickly solve this problem (please use support@9rays.net address)?
Note: Please zip your assembly and change extension of zip file to .txt or .zap before attaching.
Link Posted: 11-Apr-2018 00:57
Thanks for the response,

I have already emailed to 3 different email accounts (as the one in the forum does not display) - was the assembly received?
Link Posted: 11-Apr-2018 01:18
thanks, we've succesfully received the assembly and started to work with this problem. I'll back to you when we solve this problem.
Link Posted: 11-Apr-2018 01:24
Awesome, thanks :)
Link Posted: 12-Apr-2018 05:54
Hi John,
We've done with tests. Spices.Obfuscator succesfully obfuscated your assembly, all works fine.
Some notes:
1. We've added path to NetStandard.dll assembly to SearchPaths.
2. It took 35min (using your settings for obfuscation) to obfuscate and 16min to verify this assembly (tested on Intel Core-I3, 8GB RAM, Win10 64bit).
We'll try to improve the speed of obfuscation to the next release of Spices.Net
Link Posted: 12-Apr-2018 07:40
Great stuff, thanks :)

P.S. Was there anything that I might have missed (next to the path)?
Link Posted: 12-Apr-2018 07:49
No, just it currently takes time to obfuscate (especially methods obfuscation - 80% of time) NetStandard assembly.