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Spices.Net VSIP install error with VS2017 and Win7
Link Posted: 29-May-2018 01:01
The error that occurs when Spices VSIP Obfuscator is installed on a machine with VS2017.
During the installation, if the checkbox for VS2007 is checked, an error dialog is displayed.
However, if you ignore this and continue with the installation, it appears that Spices.NET VSIP Obfuscator is installed.
Sometime its not installed. When it's not installed, the command line installation helps and proceed without any problem.
Is that OK?
Link Posted: 29-May-2018 01:14
This appears to be a bug in Visual Studio that has been fixed.
But for the bug fix to work, the old privateregistry.bin file still needs to be deleted.
Once you deleted the old privateregistry.bin, installation worked fine.
For details see the: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/46955197/package-management-initialization-failed-access-denied-error-when-opening-visua