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VSIP for Visual Studio 2022
Link Posted: 20-Apr-2022 13:07
Hi there,
Unfortunately, the VSIP for VS2022 doesn't work correctly, the Spices.Net menu is displayed but is inactive[grayed]
What should I do to make VSIP to load menu correctly?
Link Posted: 20-Apr-2022 13:10
In VS2022 (and in VS2019), MS started to use new technology of dynamical extensions loading (to reduce memory consumption), so Spices.VSIP just partially loaded and VS2019/2022 prevents loading of additional Spices.VSIP components.
We're working to solve that problem, currently you can turn on Synchronous Autoload mode in VS2019/2022 to solve that problem.
How to do it:
1. Click Tools-Options menu in Visual Studio 2022
2. Choose Extensions in list on left side of Options dialog and click Allow synchronous autoload of extensions checkbox to turn Synchronous Autoload mode on.
3. Restart Visual Studio.