9Rays.Net is glad to announce the release of Gears.IFilterHelper.
05-Jun-2007 17:00

Gears.Net is a set of compact, specialized engines for .NET developers. The pilot product in the line is Gears.IFilterHelper, an all-in-one component designed to assist .NET developers in extracting text from a variety of formats.
Essentially,Gears.IFilterHelper is a simple and narrowly-focused library written entirely in C# and intended for efficient text extraction from a number of popular document types.
Gears.IFilterHelper is based on a proprietary technology from Microsoft Corp. called IFilters and makes the best possible use of its capabilities. The utilization of IFilters API helps dramatically expedite and facilitate tasks related to text processing and extraction from a multitude of sources, saving developers a fair amount of time, which would have otherwise be spent on implementing this functionality on their own. Gears.IFilterHelper is also extremely cost-efficient: its price is manifold lower than the aggregate cost of multiple third-party text-extraction components for separate document types.

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