New version of Spices.Net v5.3 empowered with new code protection technologies.
16-Jun-2007 17:00

What's new:

  • Spices.Obfuscator: now offers ResourceProtection - technology protects managed resources by encrypted resource names so that they can’t be determined if the assembly is altered. The ResourceProtection feature is part of the patent pending TamperProof technology that allows the developer to protect all of their assets - code, metadata, and managed resources.
  • Spices.Obfuscator: Spices.Anonymizer technology improvements.
  • Spices.Obfuscator: StringEncryption technology empowered with compression, EnhancedEncryption doubles protection of "sensitive" information.
  • Spices.Obfuscator: software watermarking technology is improved to protect watermark from disassembly and roundtrip.
  • Spices.Decompiler: Wide range of improvements and corrections.

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