The U.S. Patent for 9Rays.Net's Tamper Defence technology issued
12-Jun-2012 11:46

We're proud to announce that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued patent number 8,200,983 for the Tamper Defence method and technology developed by 9Rays.Net, Inc.
The patent, entitled “System and method for tamper-proofing executable binary assemblies, was issued on June 12, 2012.
The patented method is the core of Tamper Defence/Tamper Proof technology which protects .Net code from tampering, provides more reliable protection. This technology is a one of the key and unique features of Spices.Net Obfuscator and Spices.Net Suite products.
This patented method makes Spices.Net Obfuscator and Spices.Net Suite unique and very efficient tools to protect your intellectual properties, producing tamper resistant assemblies/executables, considerably hard for hackers, pirates or competitors. This technology increases the high-level protection of sensitive data (connection strings, passwords, etc.) inside binaries.

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