The fresh update of Spices.Net v. is available for downloading
18-Apr-2018 13:54

Spices.Net v. has been released.

What's new:

  • Spices.Obfuscator: removed ObfuscationOptions.Members.Resources option.
  • Spices.Obfuscator: Optimizer is improved, a few fixes applied.
  • Spices.Obfuscator: improved assembly generation, now obfuscated assemblies loading and working faster.
  • Spices.Obfuscator: added Evaluation limitation: now with unlicensed and Evaluation copy of Spices.Net string encryption will encrypt just random selection of strings(about 50% of all strings)
  • Spices.Obfuscator: improved Resources protection.
  • Spices.Obfuscator: improved anti-De4Dot protection.
  • Fixes, minor updates.

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