Spices.Net v. released
06-May-2021 13:11

What's new:

  • Spices.Net Decompiler: yield (and yield break) operator support[C# 2.0 sugar]
  • Spices.Net Obfuscator: significant speed improvements for .Net Core assemblies obfuscation
  • Spices.Net: now Spices.Net, Spices.Net Obfuscator and Spices.Net Decompiler completely support .Net 5
  • Spices.Net: format of SearchPaths setting (Edit/Options menu) is improved: now you can add path including subfolders (c:\mypath\*). It is recommended to clear current SearchPaths and restart Spices.Net to rebuild SearchPaths in more short format.
  • Spices.Net: minor fixes and improvements

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