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HeavenTools Heaventools Software is dedicated to providing and supporting the highest quality resource editing software available for Windows. Our software solutions are affordable to the single professional Windows developer, yet powerful enough for large corporate projects.
FlexHEX Inv Softworks LLC provides FlexHEX - the professional hex editor designed to fill a software developer's needs. FlexHEX includes a rich set of features for inspecting and editing filesystem objects and raw disks, and constitutes a valuable addition to a professional's toolbox.
NopSolutions NopSolutions has specialized in Windows-based eCommerce solutions since 2006. Over the years we have developed a range of advanced technologies and software components that are adaptable, reliable, and scalable, with a proven track record. They are generic programs which can be customized to fit any applications.
Quantum Engineering Quantum Engineering is a Russian-based outsourcer which develops custom software for overseas clients since 2007. The range of services includes: writing project specification, software development, external testing, and support.
The company operates with several teams located in different cities in Russia, and can scale up fast to cope with large-scale projects. Quantum’s main areas of expertise are enterprise content management systems, web content management and workflow.
Perpetuum Software The core of company emerged in 2002 when the Russian R&D department of 9Rays.Net commenced on software components development and marketing activities.
In the year of 2006, the Russian R&D department detached into an independent subsidiary.
Over the years within 9Rays.Net we have developed several lines of software products designed for Microsoft .NET Framework.
The primary focus of company's activity is development of software components intended for data processing and visualization.
Alvas.NET Alvas.Audio Alvas.NET focuses on the .Net development tools for audio processing. Make it easy for developers to add audio capabilities in different .NET applications such as Gui, Web and service for Windows.