Visual Studio and MSBuild Integration (VSIP) features

Feature Description
Deep Integration with Visual Studio IDE Spices.VSIP.Net is deeply integrated with MS Visual Studio and delivers all features of Spices.Net into MS Visual Studio IDE.
Wide range of project types support Spices.VSIP.Net supports VC#, VB.Net, VJ# and VCPP project types.
Easy to integrate, easy to use You can use Spices.VSIP with all installed versions of Visual Studio, integrate or de-integrate Spices.VSIP, use Spices.Net standalone and VS integration at the same time.
Complete solution protection Spices.VSIP.Obfuscator allows to protect (with all features of Spices.Obfuscator, including cross-obfuscation) all assemblies in your solution, allows to include external assemblies or exclude some projects in the solution.
Easy Build-Debug-Deploy With Spices.VSIP.Net you can build, debug and deploy your obfuscated solution within MS Visual Studio.
MSBuild and NAnt integration Spices.VSIP.Net provides MSBuild and NAnt integration, so you can use Spices.Net features with your build process.