Spices.Net Obfuscator protects your code from disassemblers and decompilers.

Spices.Obfuscator is one of Spices.Net plugins that assist you in developing high quality, industry standard applications.

Spices.Obfuscator lets you protect your source code from disassemblers and decompilers.
Spices.Obfuscator is tightly integrated within Spices.Net environment and so provides for protection of the entire project, or a selected assembly.

With Spices.Obfuscator you can masquerade your code that it becomes completely unreadable by human, but still remains executable. This also, does not affect code execution performance.

Spices.Obfuscator essential features are outlined in short below.

Complete feature list you can find here.

Feature Description
Localization Spices.Obfuscator includes a new module Spices.Localizer mentioned above.
The documents created by Localizer may be used for localization of your applications.
You may just specify the doc file and localization language in LocalizationOptions of each Spices.Project build, so that the application would be localized in the course of obfuscation process.
Automation Spices.Obfuscator now supports Automation. Combined together with Spices.Obfuscator Console Edition that is designed to run through script (JS and VBS) and command (CMD and BAT) files, it provides you with direct use of Spices.Project and Spices.Solution objects in your scripting code. With these objects you can access and manage all obfuscation settings and perform obfuscation from scripts. Now the full protection suite includes Spices.Obfuscator GUI, Spices.Obfuscator Console Edition, and Automation Support Module.
Obfuscation Events ObfuscationEvents allows to include execution of different operations in the course of an obfuscation process; the wide set of ObfuscationEvents enables to include in the obfuscation process such tasks as preparation of builds, deployment, writing up or generating necessary files, as well as packaging obfuscated builds.
ObfuscationEvents are supported both in Spices.Project and in Spices.Solution.
Code Flow Obfuscation Spices.Obfuscator uses patent pending Spices.Anonymizer technology that scramble IL code so that it becomes completely unreusable after it is decompiled or disassembled.
Integration with VS2003 and VS2005 Spices.Net may now be integrated with both popular IDEs - MS Visual Studio 2003 and MS Visual Studio 2005. If two versions of Visual Studio are installed on your PC ?_" no problem in using Spices.Net integration in both IDE.
Stub Untouched Methods New Spices.Anonymizer technology lets you replace unobfuscated methods with anonymized stubs.
External references anonymization Spices.Anonymizer technology masquerading(anonymize) calls to referenced types, methods and fields.
Spices.Solution This is a new object allowing to load in Spices.Net a collection of Spices.Project objects. It is known that programs are often issued in different configurations and packages. Spices.Solution allows to create various configurations and packages of your programs, and obfuscate them at a time.