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Spices.Net NET code security, tools to protect, obfuscate, tamper defense, code and data safety, recover, convert, optimize, explore, browse and analyze .Net software.

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Program stopped working after obfuscation
Author: andreif
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Thanksgiving Day Discount Special 25% on Spices.Net Products
Author: NineRays
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Stack trace
Author: mp
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Assembly Resolution Issue
Author: GrantThomas
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Project.AddSearchPath not working through C#
Author: hank
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can we get source code from obfuscated dll.
Author: chekuriraju
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WPF Obfuscation
Author: Alex Kazovic
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Obfuscation + Localization (Satellite assemblies)
Author: Metalex
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Obfuscate single assembly for patch
Author: arijmj
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TamperProof(TP) not working correctly?
Author: Alcem
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Deobfuscate Stack Trace function
Author: JNeck
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Comapct .net Framework 3.5
Author: eghabour
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how to obfuscate values inside of methods
Author: knchris
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Does the Eval version let me sign my assemblies?
Author: knchris
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Author: NineRays
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Partial Obfuscation using Spices.NET
Author: eamous
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Obfuscating and anonymizing only parts of code
Author: labate
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string obfuscation
Author: JotaEme
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Application Error after obfuscation
Author: mike9285
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Cannot apply exclusions
Author: Dmytro Ivanets
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Activation not working in!?
Author: albertsch9
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Serialization + Obfuscation
Author: Micro
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Spices.Obfuscation Console
Author: a_oliveira
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Automating obfuscation tasks
Author: Dima
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Code produced does not compile VB.NET 2005
Author: falves1
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