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Spices.Net NET code security, tools to protect, obfuscate, tamper defense, code and data safety, recover, convert, optimize, explore, browse and analyze .Net software.

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Application Error after obfuscation
Author: mike9285
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Cannot apply exclusions
Author: Dmytro Ivanets
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Activation not working in!?
Author: albertsch9
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Serialization + Obfuscation
Author: Micro
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Spices.Obfuscation Console
Author: a_oliveira
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Automating obfuscation tasks
Author: Dima
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Code produced does not compile VB.NET 2005
Author: falves1
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Generics bug
Author: andrewjb
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Thanksgiving Day Discount Special 25%!
Author: NineRays
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Obfuscation Problems
Author: vandelinder
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Author: verticalj
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Author: Xenephobe
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Spices.net upgrade
Author: mjwallace
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Customer Service is Non-Existent - Have They Closed Shop?
Author: Lack of Support
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Attributes Bug in Spices 5.4.00
Author: morserover
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Obfuscate Assemblies
Author: verticalj
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Serious bug
Author: Ahura Mazda
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obfuscation and Binary Deserailization
Author: joseph_moraise
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hiding embedded resources
Author: anish
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String Encryption failing.
Author: mjwallace
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Spices.net fail to obsfucate with web deployment project?
Author: clieft
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How to obfuscate ASP.NET 2.0 Precompiled DLL's?
Author: makkirman
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Spices.Net v5.3 empowered with new protection technologies.
Author: NineRays
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Spices Decompiler - Windows Forms missing
Author: stanislaus42
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Do not use red color for warnings, please
Author: andreif
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