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Spices.Net NET code security, tools to protect, obfuscate, tamper defense, code and data safety, recover, convert, optimize, explore, browse and analyze .Net software.

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SignTool could not be foundFailed to sign the assembly
Author: CrisDiaz
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Problem with running Spices.Net
Author: godsdog
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Command line options for NRObfuscator
Author: bmaloff
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Little Bit Confused as to why ???
Author: YZ125ZA
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obfuscate only specific parts in a .NET assembly (dll/exe)
Author: anupcmistry
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Silverlight and obfuscation
Author: jjh
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Problem decompiling
Author: maurocrive@libero.it
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9Rays.Net announces the release of Spices.Net v.5.8
Author: ninerays
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Spices.Net Obfuscator: Effect on my vb.net DLL for asp.net
Author: icm63
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Problem With SDK
Author: mobin.haq@tpsonline.com
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Decompiling Windows Forms and UserControls
Author: mjminik@hotmail.com
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Generics obfuscation problem
Author: japarici
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Obfuscation map?
Author: mdonohue
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System.BadImageFormatException after assembly obfuscation
Author: labate
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Spices.Net v. is available for downloading
Author: NineRays
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New version of Spices.Net v. released.
Author: NineRays
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Spices.Decompiler Evaluation
Author: MrCafe
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Spices.Net Decompiler (Memory Managment Issue)
Author: eamous
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String Obfuscation Problem
Author: georgobb
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How to obfuscate a part of an assembly
Author: stasuka
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Bad named class with "a" before the real name
Author: catelani
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Spices.Net v. is available for downloading
Author: NineRays
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Spices.Net v.5.6.2 released
Author: NineRays
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Obfuscate ASP.NET with Partial Trust
Author: codoherty
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Decompiliation Problem?
Author: drnick
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